Georgios Kaleadis, 33 years old Frontend Architect from Munich.

I love beautiful algorithms. Especially those generating beautiful images and those being a beauty just by describing something complex with elegance like dijkstra’s and the fourier transform.

Steering and flocking, generative art, raycasting, perlin noise, voronoi diagrams - that’s why I love being a creative programmer. I’m also addicted to those tools which helping me to visualize all that stuff. WebGL, Canvas2D, openFramework, processing and yes I also used Flash with Actionscript 3 a lot to do so. Actionscript in Flash4 was in fact the first programming language I learned and loved back in the years.

When I’m in need to pause the world or leave the computer behind me I get my camera and rush into the next forest, in another country or I loose myself in taking macro shots of the invisible and unimportant world around us. See for yourself on flickr


Ok back to work. That’s what I’m selling myself for:

  • Frontend JavaScript development with the power of ES6/Typescript.
  • Angular & React with Redux to build components or whole pages.
  • WebGL microsites or visualizations with ThreeJS
  • Building games with Pixi.js, Phaser, Box2D
  • I love to build prototypes just to prove that an fancy idea is working.

Past work

  • www.icebergsongs.com - Virtual dom, WebGL with Three JS and a fancy Ruby on Rails backend. Some awards.
  • A multiscene and multilingual Parallax Scroller Microsite based on PIXI JS and my own parallax engine.
  • A pinball simulation/game based on Phaser, the P2JS as the physics framework with a complex Ruby on Rails Backend and API.