This was my journey into Angry Birds. I focused on the following components and challenges:

  • Camera System for PIXI
  • Minimap View on the scene
  • Box2D Integration in PIXI (there is some code from Phaser’s Box2D)
  • Fluid Integration (Liquid Fun), the build of box2d already contains liquid fun (see here
  • Polygon Rendering in PIXI (this wasn’t possible then)
  • Custom Water Shader for the particles
  • Raycasting in Box2D
  • Building a Slingshot with Trajectory projection
👻Attention. This is old code. Very manual. Require JS, no npm versioning. 👻

Running example

  • Use the minimap to pan the scene
  • Click, hold and drag around the slingshot to perform a shot
  • Use your mousewheel to zoom.
  • I don’t think this will be usable on a mobile or tablet.
  • Ah and don’t forget to expand the controls in the upper right corner.
Based on pixi, box2d and liquid fun